Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Children's Museum

Yesterday we went to the Children's Museum in St. Paul. We had a great time.
They had the spark cart out. Emily has NEVER been able to pass the chance to paint on her face. (I start with this fact so that you understand the rest of the pictures)
and the boys ALWAYS seem to pass on the chance to paint on their faces
(here are the same three girls three years ago doing the same thing)
We spent time in the world's room. That is the room with the grocery store, restaurant, bus etc.
We also spent time in the work room...still one of our favorite rooms. You get to move foam blocks around on conveyor belts, play with bubbles, water and lights.
We hit the roof for the outdoor fun and nature art. Always a good time
Of course we spent a ton of time in the ant hill.
In this picture is Ryan, Adriana, Emily, Alexis and Andrew...a crazy group of life time friends.

This is a place that I have been taking the kiddos to ever since we moved here. I have a ton of pictures of my kids over the years at this place and yes I am going to share a few (that is the mood I am these days).
This is Ryan outside the anthill
Here is Andrew playing with an exhibit
Emily and Ryan playing with a muppet.
There is a room dedicated to the ages 4 and under. Now when we go I always say with a sigh "we don't qualify for that room any more."
This is baby Andrew hanging out on a lily pad from that room.


asauser said...

Looks like you all had a blast. Do you have a membership there? I've considered it, but still haven't done it yet.


Lori said...

Thanks for posting so quickly. I LOVE that you have pictures of my girls from 3 years ago at the Children's Museum. They always have so much fun with Cathy ;)