Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back in time

Tiffany and I thought it would be good to get the kids out and do something new. Three years ago..when we were participating in the History Matters challenge...we found Kelly Farm. We decided that it would be fun to go back in time today and visit this 1860s working farm. It is located in Elk River which is about an hour away. It is really a pretty neat place to visit.
Here is our group of kiddos: Ethan, Emily, Andrew, Trevor, Kevin and Ryan
The kids got a hands-on experience of old-time farm life. It was great to see/chase the sheep and look at the oxen, horses and cows. We enjoyed looking at the farm house and helping clean out the cellar, but I am going to highlight the kids' two FAVORITE parts of the trip (not including DQ). These two spots are where we ALWAYS seemed to end up. In no particular order...
The water pump
The kids worked together to fill the buckets
Then they carried the buckets over to the horses to give them a drink.
This picture reminds me of Jack and Jill. Luckily, no one fell down and broke their crown.
I cannot tell you how many buckets these kids filled and carried today!

The second: The new litter of kittens.
I made the mistake of telling Emily that they were looking for homes for these adorable creatures. I will let you guess her immediate next question and my quick response!
They were so cute....all farms should have a litter of kittens running around.
I don't think we would last very long living in the 1860s..but it sure was fun to visit!

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Thanks for the idea - that looks like fun!