Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birthday Party Part 1

It is time for Emily's birthday party. Last year was so much fun, we decided to go with another slumber party. We limited Emily to four friends. First we made a run for the border. I am not going to say who...but one of these girls had never been to Taco Bell. Mine on the other hand was well versed in the Taco Bell menu.
We then hit Nickelodeon Universe. Here's Nicole, Emily T, Spongebob, Emily F., Maria and Lauren.
The girls had a BLAST! As part of the party favors, everyone got matching shirts. We were the pink ladies running from ride to ride. Of course I took about a million pictures.
The night was perfect. We got the girls unlimited ride wrist bands and there were barely any lines!
They were able to go on all the rides a bunch of times.
Here are friends Lauren, Nicole and Maria. We are just starting our night.
Eventually they were all feeling brave. We decided to try the Flying Dutchman Ropes Course.
They were all ready to give it a try. I was impressed that they even wanted to try. Nicole made it up the first flight of stairs and decided she had had enough. She came back down.
Lauren made it up half way to the top...and came back down. I was not kidding when I said it was TERRIFYING!
These three made it to the top and rang the bell.
First MariaThen Emily T.Then Emily F. Good job to all :)
Here these three are cheering on Lauren and Emily F. They went on the Avatar ride. We stayed until they closed the park.
By the end we were some of the last people at the MOA. The workers would hear what ride we were going to and call ahead to warn the next ride. These girls had SO MUCH energy. I think the favorite rides were Rock Bottom, Jimmy Neutron and the Swings.
When we got home, the girls played around in the basement. Make-up and strobe lights.
They are now trying to wind down and watch the Hannah Montana Movie. It is going to be a LATE night. FYI movie is over 0/5 asleep or even tired. Wait make that 1 that is tired...ME!


Lori said...

Glad that the Hannah Montana Movie was enjoyed at the Part-ay!

Louise said...

Looks like a fun, fun night! I should have sent Fiona over to your house... she did not want to go to sleep last night either! Happy Birthday Emily!

Holly Thatcher said...

What a fun party! I hope Emily had a wonderful birthday!