Saturday, August 29, 2009

Test and Tune

Erik and my brother Ben are part of the auto-cross club. This means that they have an excuse to buy an automobile other than a mini-van (or in our family's case a Mazada 5) and they get to drive really fast and crazy.
Today was the test and tune event out at the Dakota Technical College.
Erik's current auto-cross car is a turbo Miata. This car is really loud. This car has a good kick to it too.The drivers have to help run the event for two hours...and then they get to drive the courses the rest of the day. I brought the kids along to watch them drive.
The guys were so fun to watch that the kids wanted to ride along.Too bad for the have to be 18 or over to ride along. It was my first time today. For some reason, I didn't have to prove my age. I wonder why.Now I really see why they like going to these things. It was crazy going around the cones at super fast speeds. I'm hooked. I told Erik it made me want to drive too. He kind-of laughed off that idea.I got to ride with Ben too. He took me on both the longer and the shorter courses.The cars are so it is hard to say who has the fastest car. I think Louise and I should go and drive in the next event! Are you in Lou?


Louise said...
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waldo said...

It is good to see that my easy going nephew has a wild streak in him. He must have gone by those pylons so fast, that they fell down! :{)

Louise said...

I tried it before, but it was too scary for me. I'm a wussie. Also, I was REALLY slow, and it was embarassing! :-) But I'll cheer you on!!

asauser said...

Fun seeing you for a second at the zoo today. Andrew never really cares about the animals!

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Aryn said...

Erik looks super hot in that helmet. ( :))