Sunday, August 23, 2009

Camping time

It's that time of year. It is the Tennant Family Annual Camp-Out. We like to find the most remote part of our back yard and practice our survival skills.
This year we made stuffed potatoes for dinner and banana boats for dessert in the camp fire. Erik found the recipes on-line. I had remembered making banana boats at girls camp, so we tried them out. Jury is still out on those (Andrew gave two thumbs up for the marshmellow and chocolate portion of the boats).
We did take some time to practice our fire bending skills...yes we are huge Avatar fans!
Of course the best part of the camp out for the kids is sleeping in the tent. As they were falling asleep I read the kids a Junie B. Jones book (chosen in honor of Andrew starting Kindergarten this year).
Actually, I think that Ashley loved sleeping outside in the tent the most.

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Tiffany said...

MMMMM...those banana boats sound delicious. I bet your were made by some sort of banana boat expert!