Friday, August 21, 2009

School's Gardens

As you might of noticed we are back from here.
and already missing the schedule free/carefree feelings of vacation...sigh..
(I have to add this picture because it is one of the few of Andrew on the beach not squinting)
This week we got a chance to help do some gardening at our school.
The girls were supposed to work for three days..but got all the work done in two instead. I missed the first day, but sent my mom and Andrew to take my place. It was so nice of them to go and I hear they worked HARD.It was fun to work, but I think it was more fun to see friends that we haven't seen much of this summer. Working at the school's gardens is a great way to feel connected and have ownership in our school (as you know school is just around the corner hehehe).

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amyg said...

I don't know how many times I've volunteered to help with stuff like that at my kids' school and never been called on. Good for you guys!!

Also, that picture of your kids on the beach is priceless. So cute!