Thursday, August 13, 2009

When life gives you go swimming

Well, we are in the Northwest. We are in Oregon to be exact.What is one of the things Oregon is famous for? I'll just tell you..rain. But rain might get some people down, not these guys though. While we were waiting for the sun to shine the kids got to hit the pool at Granpa's place. Like Ryan said, "swimming in the rain is better because you are already wet!"

Some of the jumps got pretty fancy!
Nice form Emily. Good times in the rain.
The sun did come out though! We ran to the ocean.and we hit the the waves ("we" is a loosely used term here someone had to take pictures)
and the sand dunes. It is such a pretty day we decided to stay here one more night. I am off to build a sand castle!


Cynthia said...

Seriously, does the fun ever stop? Glad you're having a great time! :o)

amyg said...

There's nothing like doing stuff on vacation that you wouldn't/couldn't do at home. I love that you guys are having so much fun.

Lori said...

Yeah for swimming in the rain!