Tuesday, August 4, 2009


If you come to visit...we will take you to the Mall of America. It is just part of the deal. You come we all go. We decided that tonight would be a great time to hit Nickelodeon Universe with our visiting cousins. There are so many fun rides. These guys went on all of them a few times!

I love to have these guys make great memories together. We started off with the smaller rides and worked our way up to the "bigger" rides. This is such good training for the annual trip to Valley Fair!

It is so fun because they are all now tall enough to go on most of the rides by themselves. The few rides that the little ones do need a chaperon on were ones that the chaperons would actually choose to ride...so Carol and I got to ride some for free. Leo LOVED the log ride. Andrew and Leo are now both fans of the Timberland Twister. Hooray! The other favorites for the night were Splat-o-sphere, Rock-bottom and the Danny Phantom ride.

A fun surprise bonus:

I am not sure if you knew (because we sure didn't)...but the first Tuesday of each month Lego Land has a free build project from 5-7pm. You get to build it there and take it home. Tonight's project was a red lobster. Ry insisted on waiting in the line to build it. I am so glad he did. It is such a cute project. We lucked out tonight!

As soon as my knees stop shaking I will share with you all how Emily and I defied death and Erik caught it all on film..(OK "defying death" is being dramatic...but I will share how Emily and I got really really terrified)

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-Loni said...

Did you go on the sponge bob plunge?? I'm completely scared of it but Bart and Ainsley went. I cannot believe Ainsley went and LOVED it!