Saturday, February 23, 2008

At the Dells

It is February and it is cold. It is VERY cold. It is about this time of year that a person can start to feel that there is no escape from the cold. We decided we had to get out and have some fun. Guess what! Wisconsin Dells is only 3.5 hours away! We decided to go..good times, good friends and lots of water! I cannot think of a better way to have a get-away.
We stayed at Glacier Canyon Lodge. It was wonderful. Our room had plenty of space for everyone. There was a fireplace and a huge TV and DVD player for the down time. There was a game table for after the kiddos went to sleep. Swimming was top on our "to do" list though. We enjoyed 3 very large indoor water parks. This is a picture of Ryan in the big wave pool. This was his favorite spot to be...and probably Erik's too. (and one of my favorite pictures). We also got to go down great water slides and relax in the hot tubs. Sometimes they even opened to outdoor part of the hot tub. That was a fun surprise. Here is a slide show of some of the highlights. It includes probably the LAST post of ME in a swimming everyone enjoy it now : )

Here is a fun video of the kiddos in the wave pool. Did I mention that we had a fun time on this trip?


Sarah said...

Holy Fun! I'm so jealous make sure you invite Josh and I next time, I'd love it!!! Hope to see you this summer but we'll see with the baby! Love your Blog

Tiffany said...

Love the pictures, especially the one that shows how I won all of the games. Fun times! I need to post my pictures soon, and I need a copy of some of the ones you took! So fun! We should make it an annual event.