Wednesday, May 28, 2008

They were listening

Yesterday was Ryan's Track and Field day at school. Erik has been working on his car, so we were down to one car. After track and field day, I thought it would be fun to walk the mile+ home from school. Ryan is not a big mover. He had just moved a bunch at school and he was about to go to OT, work hard there...then 2 hours of swimming. He started getting tired about 3/4 of the way home. I then thought of a talk given at church last Sunday. The speaker told of his experience mountain biking and when he thought he could not go any further he made little goals along the way. I decided to try that. I said, "I bet we can make it to the white mailbox." We would and then we would choose another smaller goal. Needless to say we made it home and contrary to popular belief no one died in the process. At dinner that night, I told Ry to tell dad how we got home with little goals. Then Emily pipes in and says that was just like the mountain biking story at church. Together Ryan and Emily remembered every detail of that story. I was so surprised that they heard that talk. During Sacrament meeting on any given Sunday the kiddos are constantly wanting drinks, reading the Friend, eating, coloring etc. Basically, it looks like anything but listening. Hooray! They were listening and remembering. Don't ask us what the overall talk was about..but we heard the mountain bike story and applied it to our lives : )

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Cynthia said...

Don't you love those moments, when you think "wow, they are actually learning something." They are few and far between for me, but definitely worth it.

I want to come to your house and walk the path with you!!!