Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The reception

Wow! Can these guys throw a party. The reception was at the Biltmore in Atlanta, Georgia. It was dinner and dancing . The room was incredible. Seriously straight off the wedding T.V. shows. My pictures do not do it justice at all! The food was delicious and the flowers were amazing.
Our table was right up front by the long bridal party table. I was nervous to be up front. Andrew got lots of presents for being in the wedding. All with a fishing theme. We decided to bring this game so that he would not go crazy waiting for food or whatever to get started. It turned out to be a good thing for him to do as he waited for the dancing to begin. You can see it entertained more than just Andrew : )
I have to give a shout out to the cake. It was really pretty. Sad to cut...but let me tell you I am glad they did. It was so YUMMY! After all the food was eaten and the bride and groom danced their first dance together we all got to jump onto to the dance floor. It was so much fun. Emily stayed close to the bride and groom. She danced at least 10 times with Lisa and about 6 times with Steven. Everyone was so nice to her. She was seriously in the center of the dance floor the entire night. Shy she was not! Andrew joined in too. He told me he could dance all night. He had a "raise the roof"/ Egyptian arm movement going on the whole night and a huge smile. At the end, we got to throw rose petals at the bride and groom as they got into their limo. I am so glad we were there to share their day. I don't know what is up with some of the slide show captions..sorry.

I know this is a lot of wedding pictures. But, like Lisa told Emily. "We are going to take so many pictures of us together we won't even be able to look at them all!" That's what I did.

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amyg said...

Fancy schmancy! I love seeing you and your kids all dressed up. What fun!