Thursday, June 12, 2008

Big things goin' on

Today was finally the last day of school. Notice Ryan is the first on the bus. For the past month or so he has been getting to the bus stop 35 minutes early just to be first. I am so happy that we do not have to meet the bus at 7:30 for a few months. Hooray for slow mornings!
Emily randomly broke out into a happy dance!
One tradition at school is a student show-case (talent) show on the last day of school. They have try-outs and pick a few students from each grade level. This is Emily's second year in the show. Last year she and a friend put together a cheer. This year Jade, Emily and Maria put together a really cute dance to a Hannah Montana song. We got to see the show. It was wonderful. They did the entire thing themselves. FYI Emily is the one in the middle. (Amy, don't you think they should have used plaid shiny skirts? oh well not everyone can be as cool as we were)
Now we are getting ready for this wedding. The flower girl and ring-bearer have their outfits. We tried them on tonight to show Erik. This is a warning that there are about to be a bunch of pictures of Em in her puffy dress and Andrew in his tux.
Get Excited. (the face-painting will be gone on the actual day)

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