Thursday, June 26, 2008


This post is inspired by the what happened this morning. Andrew and Emily were watching some cartoons and Andrew came running into the kitchen. He picked up the phone. Emily is yelling a phone number to order space bags. I, of course, tell them not to call. They both start telling me how great this deal is and that we HAVE to buy them. This all reminded me of Andrew's other obsession from the TV. It is the Buxton Organizer.
Have you seen the commercials for this gem? Andrew has decided I really need this purse. Every time the commercial comes on he gets excited. The commercial is so funny. They even show a blindfolded lady able to find stuff in her "oh so organized" bag. Seriously, my purse is a mess. Surprise, Surprise. Now, if I struggle to find anything in my purse Andrew pipes in with a comment on how fast I could find it if I had "that purse." If you have the Buxton organizer Andrew would be proud. I think it might be time to turn off the nanny and go have some fun.

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Cynthia said...

Olivia totally wants me to get one of those too! I have to say, it does look appealing. But it doesn't have a spot for "useless crap" which is mostly what is in my purse...