Monday, June 23, 2008

Dog Story

I love checking the pioneer woman blog. I don't know her and will never meet her in person, but I love to check in and see what she is up to on almost a daily basis. could be seen as blog stalking. Anyway. Every now and then she devotes her daily post to her dog. Whenever I read about her Charlie it makes me think of my dog story and my Ashley. We are also reading Where the Red Fern Grows for book club this month. So I have dogs on the brain. First you must know that when I was a child, I wanted a dog. I begged for a dog. I was told that I could not have a dog until I had my own house. I can remember building a little house in the back yard out of logs. I think I got a chuckle out of the parents...but clearly that was not the kind of house they were talking about.
When Erik and I moved to Minnesota we got a house. It had a fenced in back yard. I was excited to finally get my puppy. Seriously who could pass up those ears and those paws. We named him "Goalbee." Actually that is what Ryan named him. But, I also had one of these...
I had no idea how much work a puppy was and I was still struggling with the whole new baby thing. All I knew was one had to go...or I would have a nervous break down. So we tossed a coin and said good-bye to Goalbee. We seriously did find a great farm for him to grow up on. I really hope he is happy. Well, we eventually moved to Apple Valley and had Andrew. He was seriously 3 months old and I found this...
This is Ashley. She was getting ready to go to an adoption day at the local Petsmart when I saw her. Somehow I knew she was the one for us. Yes..I had these (plus another one that was probably playing video games during this picture)
Somehow this time it was right. It helped that Ashley was not a puppy. She was already potty trained and really even now she doesn't bark much at all. She really goes with the whatever chaos is happening at the moment. I can say this dog loves or at least tolerates all the different kiddos that pass through our front door. She is relaxed and follows me all over the house. Every family needs an Ashley.
We are lucky to have her in our home. Yes..I will admit she is fatter now, but still so sweet.
The jury is still out on Alice...the snake not the girl!


Cynthia said...

SO with you on the Pioneer Woman addiction. Just can't get enough of that Ree. Is that weird??

Lori said...

Ashley rocks.