Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Grandma is 90!

Well, that was kind of a teaser. I posted the title and lost my will to blog yesterday. So I am going to actually finish this post. I mean seriously, you don't turn 90 every day.
We had a great BBQ at the park right next to grandma's home. This was also Grandma's first time meeting the very wonderful Fiona. As you see, all the Minnesota Hamers were there. I have to share a funny conversation:
Me: (trying to start a conversation) So, Grandma what sports did you play when you were young?
Grandma: Oh I don't remember
Me: Well, they probably didn't really have that many girl's sports when you were in school.
This is where grandma kind-of faded off..not sure if she really heard me. She probably did though. So dad joined in and tried to ask again what sports they had for girls.
Grandma: (irritated) Yes they had sports for girls! What do you think, I'm 100 years old?
No one thinks you are 100 hehehe. Oh good times!

The cake was really yummy. Good job to all involved
I have to add this picture. It is of dad and my aunt Gail. When we are all together, one of my favorite things is when dad gets Gail laughing. She loves it when dad teases her. Here he was probably talking about eating something gross. I cannot remember.

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Aryn said...

Great post, Cathy. I love reading about your family - helps me get to know you better. Gives me that much more of you to love :). And a big happy birthday to your grandma!