Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Zoo

We live within walking distance of the Zoo. (not that I have ever walked, but I know people that have). Yesterday was opening day of the new Russia's Grizzly Coast exhibit. Usually I try to stay away from the zoo on Saturdays, but I thought it would be fun to be there on opening day. So we loaded up the kiddos + Maria and hit the zoo. The new exhibit is amazing. One of the bears came right up to Emily and put its paws up and the glass and stared at her. It was in a friendly, non-hungry way of course. I cannot wait to go back and see it again.
While we were walking into the zoo, Ryan bumped his knee. He decides he has to limp and complain all the way into the zoo. (very dramatic) We get in the gate and the girls instantly start asking for stuffed animals. My visions of fun zoo trip is fading away fast. Luckily, one of the workers hears the girls. She tells us that if we hurry, they are giving away a limited number of free stuffed bears by the bear exhibit. Of course, the girls take off running. Hot on their heels is Ryan my non-mover. I run with them. I tell Ry I have to stop and walk. He tells me I cannot walk. "We have to RUN!" So we GOT the bears. We all were able to have a happy time. It is amazing how a free toy can make a bumped knee disappear.


amyg said...

Did you get the bears?! I'm waiting with bated breath . . . Good times!

Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a great adventure! You are so right about how small things can really take a childs mind off of something. It's funny how that works eh!
Hey we are blessing Max on the
22nd and a bunch of your fmaily are coming, you guys should come if you want! We'd love to see you

Aryn said...

That first line had my chuckling :). Great shot of the bear!