Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Reunion wrap up

Our official reunion has come to an end. Saturday night was John, Mike and Leandro's night to host. The food they choose to serve was a fancy Argentina BBQ. It all tasted so good. They also had homemade humus and spam. I really love the "everyone hosts" tradition. It was a great way to share the work, and get to try new foods. After the BBQ we played cards...and we picked the card game that Emmanuel loves to play. It has many names. It is played very similar to spades. There is bidding and tricks..and it is set up so that each round someone cannot make their bid. It gets very tense and somewhat silly. Of course, I lost.

Monday we hit the beach. We went to Antler's beach in Lakeville. We like this beach because there is no sea weed, plenty of sun/shade and the playground is right on the beach. Everyone is happy.

It was fun to dig in the sand. Emily brought along her friend Nicole. Emily and Leo worked hard on building a tide pool.
Everybody worked together to bury Nicole.

The water was super fun too. Nico pretended he was an electric eel. He was swimming just like one, and even figured out a way to send out electric shocks with tiny bubbles.

Of course, Ryan was constantly bopping around in the water. Give the kid some goggles and he is gone.
This is the view we mostly saw of Ryan. Kind-of reminds me of the Loc Ness Monster.
Nico and Andrew were chasing Grandma Ginger all around the lake.

After the beach and dinner, everyone came over to our house. Nico got to hold Alice and watch her eat some gourmet rodents.
Totally studying all aspects of Alice One of Nico's favorite pass times is watching BBC Nature documentaries. This cute French/American kid that lives in Switzerland speaks with British accent when discussing nature. It is so funny to hear. It was great for him to get to handle Alice and I think he enjoyed to whole eating a mouse thing.
Today we said our good-byes to our French cousins..and we are off to our Tennant reunion. Maybe we should pack or something.

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Lori said...

When you get back we should do a Little-Tennant Reunion. Have a safe trip, and bring me back something French.