Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Everyone's in town

It has been 10 years since the last time the Hamer family has been all together at Christmas time (not in the picture-but still here in Mn-are Mike and Adele). We have had many additions to the fam since then too. Our holiday festivities started the week of Christmas. One Hamer family tradition is a talent show on Christmas Eve night. We each have our own different religious beliefs, but we all value each other and time together. This is a perfect way to celebrate family. The "talent" show tradition started about three years ago. It has grown into something really fun. You never know what these guys will put together.There was magic, mind reading, real music talent, readings, a visit from our distant Uncle Fester the chef, videos and synchronized swimming routine.
The whole show was quite enjoyable. Above is Uncle Fester getting ready to make his pudding dessert. We make ourselves laugh.
You cannot have a Christmas post with out pictures from Christmas morning. Smiles and surprises were everywhere : )
Since it is winter, we had to squeeze in some tubing. We went back to Trapp Farm Tubing Hill. This was the Swiss boys first tubing experience.
The hill was fast and fun. Unfortunately, Grandpa Bill hit an unexpected bump and hurt his back. But again, overall there were smiles to be found. I am grateful for this holiday together. It was wonderful to spend time with each and everyone.


Julie W said...

Good times all around. The perfect way to spend the holidays, with family.

Lori said...

What was your talent? Which of your many did you choose to share with your family on Christmas Eve?

Grandma said...

A great recap of a great week together. Thanks, Cathy.