Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wrestling trophy

Andrew's wrestling season is coming to an end. Actually, the in-house portion is done and the traveling wrestling season is about to begin. Andrew had another tournament last night. He did really well. When I asked him to tell me about his night of wrestling (because I went to Ry's band concert-which I will soon be blogging about) he said, "Can you not see the pictures?" So we get to look at some of the pictures and decide how it went.

It looks like he has the right shirt on...and he is wearing shorts. Looks like a successful night (we aim high in this house).
Looks like he was on top some of the time and it looks like he was intensely focused.

This looks like a good move. Wait...I think he practiced this move on me yesterday morning. It is hard to get out of..right before he did this to me he said, "Now I bend (you) like a pretzel".
When the tournament was over...Andrew got his FIRST trophy. He decided he is going to start collecting these babies. I look forward to a fun future of watching my son turn people into pretzels :)!

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Grandma said...

Way to go, Andrew! We're extra proud of you.