Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter Dance Show

Emily had her Holiday dance show. She is now on the third /fourth grade dance team with U Can Danz Dance Company. They did a great job.
The dances were energetic, the costumes were beautiful and the music was festive.
For one of the dance routines her team wore a cute elf costume. They danced to the song We are Santa's Elves from the Rudolph Christmas Special.It was fun to see Emily dance. It seems like yesterday when Emily was on the Kindergarten team bouncing around...time flies!


Grandma said...

We were so happy to get to see Emily dance today. Good job, Emily! What a talented girl you are, and lucky to have such great opportunities to perform.
P.S. I'm jealous of your green dance costume. I would have died to have one when I was nine.

Lori said...

Emily does look VERY grown up in her dance costume. I'm sure that Alexis will want to borrow that for the next Game Night ;)