Wednesday, December 16, 2009

First Concert

This past summer, Ryan started to learn how to play the alto sax. He has really enjoyed learning this instrument. Now that school has started, he has band every Tuesday at 7:15 am. It is tough to get up and at school so early, but it is completely worth it. The band had their first band concert last night.
After each song Ryan would find us in the crowd and give us a proud smile.
Here Ry is after the concert with his band director, Mrs. Firchow. She is an amazing woman. The 5th grade band is record breaking size and she has complete control of them. They sounded great. Grandpa Bill said that Ryan's band sounds WAY better than my Cornelia 5th grade band ever did (I am sure he is right too). We are all looking forward to the spring concert! We are amazingly proud of Ryan.


Grandma said...

Ryan, your band has to be the best fifth grade band ever! The music was great. The "concert etiquette" was perfect. You're a lucky guy to be part of something so cool!

Maren said...

This is amazing! I can't believe we're grown up enough to have kids playing instruments. So impressive. Hope all is going well for you, Cath!