Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some of us had a snow day, some did not!!

It started snowing last night. It started getting windy outside. It started getting cold last night. We joked about the possibility of a snow day. We went to bed thinking it'd be nice to have a snow day-but it ain't gonna happen. Then, our phone rang this morning at 5:45am. It was from the school district letting us know that it was a SNOW DAY today for our school district. Hooray for the kiddos. They get a surprise day off.I had an orientation meeting at the U of M scheduled for this morning. I got my hopes I remember doing so many times when I was young. I jumped on the website and my email to see if I got a snow day too. Sadly, I did not have the same luck. Again I was feeling the same feelings of disappointment from my childhood as schools around me close but MINE does NOT. I got to brave the elements and drive downtown for school orientation early this morning (miraculously I made it on time too).
The kids spent last night and today sledding at the park across the street, playing in the backyard in the snow, drinking hot chocolate and I will admit playing some video games today. I joined the sledding crew last night and this afternoon. We had a blast.We kept a fire going all day. It has been an incredibly cozy day.
*I did get a call from work telling me I did not have to come in tonight because of the I guess you don't have to feel to sorry for me-unless you want too.*


C. L. Hanson said...

Ah, the memories! Snow days were the one perk about growing up in Minnesota!

So how'd your orientation go?

On a (vaguely?) related note, things are finally starting to come together for our family Christmas "talent night" plans. Emmanuel & Nico are preparing an Abbot & Costello routine. :D

Lori said...

I would feel a little sorry for you, but I know that you were also able to slip away from good food... and GREAT company ;)

Cynthia said...

In the midst of my blogging lameness, I am glad to see you are blogging a lot because then I have something good to read. Love all your posts lately! There was frost on the grass as we walked to school the other day and the kids were very intrigued. I'm halfway surprised the schools didn't take a "frost day". California wimps, that's what we are!

Ben said...

I swear Edina closed for snow less than half as much as any other school when we were going there! What was up with that?!!