Friday, December 18, 2009

Surprise...yes complete surprise!

We are having family come visit. Lots of family. I cannot wait for them all to get here. Our first scheduled visitor was supposed to be Grandpa Dan. Erik left to go pick him up at the airport Tuesday night, while I stayed home and tried to quickly clean up around the house. But Grandpa Dan did not walk through our door. It was LAUREN. We were completely not expecting her to come. We are completely happy that she decided to come. Our first activity with our Washington State cousin was to enjoy some snow. We bundled up and walked across the street for some good sledding fun.Here is Ry, Em and Lauren ready to go.
Everyone took a turn sledding down the hill with Lauren. She is so much fun to be round!
This picture of Emily cracks me up. Doesn't she know that if she makes that face it could get stuck that way? (we brought our neighbor Lauren with us too).


Cynthia said...

How fun!!! I love that they kept that a surprise from you!! :o) Have a great time!!

Louise said...

Uh, hello? You've had awesome cousin Lauren in your house since TUESDAY and we haven't heard about it until now?! This calls for a game night!