Monday, July 25, 2011

BYU Day!

We saved our visit to BYU for our last day in Provo. The campus has changed a bunch, but it was still very familiar. We started at the Talmage Building.This is the building that Erik had all his computer science classes. He showed us his TA office and all the computer labs. Seeing the parking lot and the spot that I spent hours waiting outside for him in the car brought back many memories for me! Yes, I was a nice new wife and would pick him up from work each night.

We then made our way to the BYU bookstore. The kids were excited to pick out Y sweatshirts. This side of the library had not changed. Erik and I walked this path many times while fun college students...yes, I did know where the library was on campus. I actually did study there and I worked there too.

The kids found BYU sweatshirts and hats. They also became true blue cougar fans! We made our way into the much changed and taco salad lacking Wilkinsen Center. These flags are hanging right outside the varsity theater.To continue our tour, Erik remembered the fish tanks in the basement of the Widtsoe building. We took the kiddos to see the fish...along the way we passed the family statue. I took pictures with my roommates holding these same hands back in the day. So I could not pass the chance to make my kiddos do the same thing! Andrew got into the spirit of the picture.He jumped up and said, "Look, now the family has a little boy!"

We saw the fish and made our way to the Eyring Science building. The school still has the pendulum still set up near the front door, along with many other fun science experiments.

The last fun pictures we took were at the Tree of Life. This is another statue that has been on campus since 1975. So yes it was ALREADY on campus when Erik and I started at the Y!

Saturday evening we ended our visit to Provo with a hike up to the Y. The Y was put on the mountain in 1907. The large white Y on the side of the mountain has become the nationally recognized insignia for BYU and the reason why BYU is often called "the Y". It is made of concrete and is 380 feet high and 130 feet wide (116 by 40 m). No other college in the United States has a larger symbol; in fact, the Y is even larger than the "Hollywood Sign" in Los Angeles. (thank you Wikipedia)
The path got pretty steep in some places. But we took lots of breaks and enjoyed the views along the way.We are all glad we made it to the top part of the path when sunset hit.This is the children's first time up to the Y. We were so glad we made it to the top!
Andrew said that next time we are in Provo, he wants to hike the Y every single day! I am hoping this next trip is only a year away, we waited WAY to long to return to Utah and the Y.


Louise said...

What a fun last day! Must have been crazy for you to be back with big kids! I wish we'd been able to stay for the last day!

Cynthia said...

I love it!!! The family statue, the pendulum, tree of life, the beloved Talmadge bldg. So many memories just flooded my mind!!! I'm so glad you guys were able to take your kids back to our old stomping grounds!

Lori said...

I've never been to the Y, but I feel like I know the place a little bit now. Thanks for the tour :)

BYU Bookstore said...

We commend you for teaching your kids how to be true blue Cougars. Thanks for stopping by Cathy!