Sunday, July 17, 2011

Getting to North Platte

We are headed to Laurie's wedding in Utah. We are so excited for this great event. The kiddos are excited to get a new uncle too! Today is day 1 of our road trip. We left home about 9am and made it here by about 6:30pm. To be honest, the drive went fast because I remembered how much we loved listening to books on CD when we went to Mount Rushmore. Today the book City of Ember got us through Minnesota, Iowa and a good portion of Nebraska. So our day was pretty much filled with looking out the windows...and listening to our great book. We all completely recommend this book. It is an interesting story about an underground city that is running out of resources. Two young characters find some instructions of how to get back to the outside world, no one believes them etc. There is an evil mayor stealing the few resources the city has.....Oh, you just have to read (or listen to) it.
The story ended about 10 minutes before we got to our hotel here in North Platte. Perfect. A fun bonus is that Grandma Ginger has met us here and we get to caravan with her tomorrow. We didn't even plan this treat. I just happened to call her while we were driving and found out she was about two hours behind us on the same path! She was coming from her 50th high school reunion in Aurora, Il. This is so lucky. This evening we have gone swimming, a little shopping (luckily there is a Walmart here in town, Em forgot her swimming suit) and now hopefully we will fall asleep! Wish us luck falling asleep...Andrew is in a devilish mood. As seen in above picture, which was impossible to take because of mentioned devilish mood.


Louise said...

This week is going to be so filled with excitement! Fiona is so excited to get on the plane and see you all on vacation!! Looks like you had a great start to the trip!

Shock said...

Have fun! Give Laurie and Nate our best.

Julie W said...

According to Map Quest, North Platte is dead center time wise between our house and my mom's. (9 hours and 38 minutes) We stayed their last summer. If you are willing to dive a little longer (about an hour past North Platte) on the way home, I'd recommend the Holiday Inn Express in Lexington. They have a suite with a bunk bed they showed online. It was already taken when we called them but we got the executive suite which was pretty roomy with a separate room with a King bed for us and then a pull out sofa in the living area. We made a little bed with the cushions for Em. 2 TVs (but not a great choice in channels) The pool and free breakfast were pretty nice to. We've also stayed in Sydney if you would like recommendation there too.

I really liked the City of Ember series. I can't remember if I listened to all of them or read one instead. The fourth book brings the story full circle. Good books on tape make a road trip speed by. Harry Potter is a great one to listen to on tape.

Julie W said...

PS, what a fun surprise that your Mom was able to meet up with you. You're all going to have such a great week together.