Sunday, July 31, 2011


We decided to drive up the coast a bit to Seaside. This is another picturesque town along the coast. There are quaint shops, arcades, candy shops, restaurants and plenty of ice-cream opportunities. A trip to Seaside is always part of our Oregon Coast experience. Today our first stop was Funland. I remember going to Funland with Erik and Dan early in our marriage to play air hockey (and every year since). I believe I lost miserably. Sadly, today was not a winning day for me either. We played Deal or No Deal. I think my big win was 20 tickets. Ry had better luckI moved to my other favorite a button and the ball bounces into a numbered hole winning the same number of tickets as the number around the hole. My high was 8...but I kept getting ones. Emily played and got 75 like three times in a row.Look at all the tickets spilling out of the machine.

We then moved to my ultimate FAVORITE game at Funland. Fascination. All you do is roll a ball and try to light up five lights in a row before someone else gets it. I could seriously sit and play it all day....I have a slight addiction to Fascination. I did not win. I got close, but I never won. But Ryan did!

I hope when I am retired I live near a Fascination establishment....I will be set! Fascination and Bingo..Today I even got to play a couple blackout rounds. Could life be any better?

I think overall, our family favorite game at Funland is Skeeball.Andrew did really well, and got won many tickets playing this game.

This is where I wish that the blog could become 4D. I wish I could capture the smells of Seaside's main street. It is a mixture of caramel corn, taffy, waffle cones, elephant ears, candy and ocean air all in one. Our favorite place to buy caramel corn is just down the street from Funland. Every year we get a bag to carry and snack on as we walk to The Candyman Shop. What is at The Candyman shop? This is where we get our 75 cent Tillamook ice-cream cones.
As they serve up your cone, they always add a little extra and say, "and a little extra on top because you are special." Yes, they said it five times for I think they might say it to everyone....jury is still out. I better go back and do some more investigation : ). We also spin the wheel for a free salt water taffy.With each spin, they say, "Nice spin!" Afterward, I have to say I leave feeling really good about my spinning skills.

As the name implies, Seaside is by the sea. The main road ends at the beach. We do not spend much time at the Seaside beach. It is so much more crowded...we are spoiled by our Manzanita almost empty beach.


Lori said...

Don't forget to bring me back something, at this point, I don't even care if it is French :)

Louise said...

This post made my face smile. Sounds like a lovely place!