Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wedding Day!

We got up Friday morning and started getting ready for the big event. Emily got to join Laurie at the Salon in Lehi to get their hair done. The salon did an amazing job on the hair! It was a beautiful braid masterpiece. Emily was so lucky to spend the day with the bride and had a wonderful time! She then got to join Laurie and her friends for the day as they got ready for the wedding. The rest of us got ready in together and excitedly set off for the wedding.The wedding was gorgeous. It was at Wadley Farms in Lindon, Utah in the foothills of these great mountains. It was such a happy and relaxed wedding.All the kids looked so great in their wedding outfits. Of course Nate and Laurie made a beautiful couple. First they had a ceremony. Their bishop perform it. He is such a kind man. They are lucky to be in they ward. I know that my family was excited to be able to see and participate.
Emily's job was to help Fiona get down the aisle. Fiona dropped her flower pedals from her pretty little basket. She even picked them up again as soon as the wedding was over.
What a helpful little girl : ). Andrew was the ring bearer and Ryan was the usher. Each child did an amazing job...and each were proud of how well they did. In fact, Ryan was so proud that he is thinking about becoming a professional usher. He opened the doors, invited people to their seats and escorted mom down to her seat. After the ceremony, we had pictures..This is the only one I got during the picture session...I will post more pictures when they are done. Laurie and Nate were lucky to have Pepper taking the pictures. We grew up with her and she is a very successful bridal photographer in the valley. So we got to visit with her and she took all the pictures.

Then we had a yummy dinner and program. We all got to watch a video of Laurie and creative. The we had the toasts...which I got to toast Laurie. I stumbled through it and then got to enjoy the rest of the show. Laurie and Nate sang two songs,Nate played the keyboard/sang and Laurie sang. They are both so musically talented. It is obvious that they enjoy singing together....and the songs were so beautiful. I wish I had pictures. Soon : )

The reception followed right after the dinner.
There was plenty of cake, plenty of fun and a whole lot of friends and family. Many of the people that we have known over the years in Minnesota have made their way to living in Utah. We had a mini Bloomington Ward reunion. It was great to see many of my young women leaders and friends that I have not seen in years.Here is Julie and her hubby. She was one of the first people I met when I moved to MN way back in first grade!The night ended with Laurie throwing the bouquet...and Emily caught it! Emily actually won the jelly bean guessing jar too. She was a big winner at the reception. But, as I think about it our whole family is the big winner today because we got a

new brother-in-law
and a new UNCLE!!


Julie W said...

So glad we were able to be there. So good to see your family and all the fellow Bloomington warders. Everything was so beautiful.

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Cathy, thank you so much for this post! This is so fun!! I can't wait to see you soon & talk about all of this!! :)