Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting to Provo

Today is Emily's birthday. She is 11 years old. Poor girl got to spend her big day in the car...her big birthday celebration will be back at home, but we wanted to get to Provo so that we could go to a birthday dinner with Laurie and Nate. It was a long day, but we made in time.We took her to Brick Oven for yummy pizza. The staff sang to her and she shared a delicious chocolate mousse dessert. Ryan asked if we could fly (notice he did not say drive) Provo for his birthday...that's how good the dessert tasted!

Here's how we got here:
Our day started off early. The kiddos decided we needed to leave the hotel by 6:30am. They set alarms and we left the hotel bright and early. Everyone just wanted to get to Provo. We spent 11 hours in the car today. Most of the time we listened to the second book in the Ember series..The People of Sparks...It is a very interesting book. It picks up where the first book left off. The people from the city of Ember (400 people in all) make it above ground. They find a small town (of 300 people) that is just barely starting to be successful. The story is about the struggle of how to help the refugees and without hurting their own town etc. We had some interesting discussions about what we would do, who was right etc. It's a thinker!

Today we finished Nebraska, drove through Wyoming and into Utah ending in PROVO! We saw some amazing sites along the way. Really a different drive from the day before!We stopped a few times along the way for gas and a quick lunch, but really plugged along. We entered Provo by driving through Provo canyon. I absolutely love Provo canyon. As things became more and more recognizable, I got more and more excited to visit my old stomping grounds and share this place with my kiddos.Man, I had no idea how much I have missed this place!


Lori said...

"Buy me something French"

Cynthia said...

I miss Provo! More importantly, I miss you!!! Have a great time, and continue to post pics. I love to see them!

Kadbury said...

The Danneckers wish Em a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Julie W said...

I still look for the Y when I drive into Provo and I only live in Lehi. Glad you made it here safely. Happy Birthday Em. I forget our kids are only a week apart. I'm impressed with your blogging while in route. I just barely downloaded pictures from our trip yesterday and we've been home over a week.