Saturday, July 30, 2011


Manzanita is a small beach town along the Oregon coast. It is picture perfect. Each year we come here with Erik's side of the family. This year we are renting a home one block off the coast. It is newly remodeled and seems to have some nice features. It is our first year in the particular home.This is the kitchen and lower living room living area. There are two good sized bedrooms down the hallway, bathrooms and laundry. Upstairs their is another living room (with TV), patio and bedroom. In case anyone was is the perfect game night house. You all should have come with us!
Like I said, we are a block away from the coast. Of course we rushed to explore. I love the colors of the beach. I love the sounds of the beach.
I love the sand on the beach. It is so smooth and fine! The wind leaves cool patterns in the sand which are so much fun to walk through.It did not take long for us to find some good sand dunes to jump. It was a great first evening on the beach. We are looking forward to the rest of the family showing up tomorrow!!

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Lori said...

Game Night at the beach...very tempting. The airline has weight limits on their baggage. So David and I wouldn't have been able to hitch a ride on the plane. Have fun, and post lots of pictures!