Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Party Day

Yesterday started early with a tap and the shoulder..."Mom, it's my party day" was whispered in my ear. He was right it was party day! Andrew decided to have his party at Pump It Up again this year. It is really the perfect place for Andrew to have a party. He loves to jump. He jumps all the time, especially when soccer games and video games get exciting. Andrew jumps. Back to the party.. There were 15 kids running around and jumping. It was a wonderful group. He had school/neighborhood friends, church friends, family and people he has known since birth. They all had fun. We had the whole place to ourselves and two staff members running the show. Every moment of the chaos I was happy that the party was not at our house. It was very hard to slow the party goers down enough for pictures...here's what I came up with.Andrew and Sam briefly paused for a moment between the inflatable things.I caught Alexis, Em and Fiona inside one of the jumping castles. They were trapped. They had to pose.Fiona and Emily conquered the big slide...looks fun!Andrew did too.

After about an hour of non-stop jumping we went into the party room for pizza and cake.Grandma and Emily decorated this cute "Eight Cake." The top circle was a double layer yellow cake and the bottom circle was a double layer chocolate cake.
FYI party goers have definite preferences for the kind of cake they eat, so everyone was happy at Andrew's party. Pizza. Cake. So yummy. So happy.Andrew definitely felt like a king for the day! Happy Birthday!


Mrs Chronic-Shock said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! Your party looks awesome!

Lori said...

Alexis had a super fun time!