Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Big "E" and The Big Cheese!

Yesterday started back at the beach. We all met up near the ocean. Construction began for the day's sandcastles. Em found a fabulous way to leave her mark at the beach. Can you see the shape of her castle? It is a huge letter "E."
After a yummy lunch back at the house, we headed south on the 101 to our favorite cheese factory. Tillamook Cheese factory to be exact! It is interesting to see the huge blocks of cheese get cut into baby loaves and packaged and shipped out. We love this cheese. We have been known to fill our suitcases with baby loaves of this stuff-Tillamook Cheese is a lot cheaper and easier to find out here! Unfortunately, our timing was a little off this year and they were not working on the cheese at that moment.
But there was plenty of other things were still happening..such as the cheese sampling.We look forward to the Squeakie Cheese samples (aka cheese curds to all you Minnesotans) every year.Cheese cut up into little cubes and served on toothpicks is extra delicious.
We cannot forget the Tillamook ice cream. Which is one of our favorites that you CANNOT find back home. If only we could figure out a way to fill our suitcases with this stuff.We could not pass up the chance to drive the "Love Loaf" and get our picture taken.This year Grandpa Dan and Grandma Joanne showed us a beach that is near the cheese factory. See the huge rock mountain on the edge of the beach? We got to walk through it (via a tunnel) to the other side. There we found a rocky beach where we could look for agates. I got to hear a new beach sound. It was the loud crackly cool sound of the rocks hitting against each other as the waves wash over them. This beach has been added to my "must visit each year" list!
While in Tillamook, we picked up some chips and some Papa Murpheys.The perfect ingredients for game night at our house. BEWARE! These guys are sneaky Mafia players.

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Louise said...

CHEEEEEEESE!! I got 2 blocks of Tillamook extra sharp cheddar from Target last week to try to help me pretend I was on vacation with you and it's almost all gone already. YUMMY!! I love all your photo montages in this post too :-)