Friday, August 5, 2011

Bocce Ball and Bonfires

Another fun thing we like doing on the beach is play Bocce Ball. It has been pretty fun because everyone can play. Look at this fun Grandpa playing with almost all of his grandchildren! Actually, we have been playing throughout the week.First someone throws the little white ball.
Then each player tries to get their Bocce Ball the closest to that little white ball. Simple right? It is crazy how far a Bocce Ball can roll in the sand! For this particular game, Andrew teamed with Grandpa Dan. They won!

The evenings on the beach are starry, beautiful and peaceful with the sound of rolling waves in the background. Mix in a campfire, S'mores and a fun family and you have a good time! This was our third beach fire this year. We roasted marshmallows, ate S'mores and told circle stories. Circle stories are a fun group story telling activity where each person makes up one sentence of the story. We take turns adding each sentence while sitting in a circle. So basically ANYTHING can happen in these stories. Our first story was about a girl named Emily. It kind-of turned into a dream within a dream/Inception type event. The second story was about Joe and his birthday...somehow Ryan was able to include zombies into each story. Now that is a creative brother/cousin.

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Lori said...

Was Ryan's story about, "Emily dreaming that a Zombie would take her to Joe's party?"