Thursday, August 25, 2011

Target Field

Minnesota loves the Twins. I mean really loves the Twins. For most of my childhood, the Twins played in the Metrodome. The main drawback (or benefit depending on who you ask) of the Metrodome was that it was indoor baseball. For me, indoor meant climate control. I enjoy climate control. I enjoy escaping rain or the humidity or even the cold depending on the day of the week. Hello...this is Minnesota, land of the extreme weather.
Anyway, they built a new stadium last year right next to the Target Center and creatively named it Target Field (like Ry says, "Minnesota really loves Target"). The majority of Minnesotans were excited to bring the game back outside where it I jumped on the band-wagon and got excited about Target Field. Who am I to say where the Twins should play baseball?
Speed ahead to today, and I finally got to experience the Target Field and an outdoor Twins game with my family. My sister Laurie and her husband Nate are visiting from Provo. My mom and dad came along too. It was fun to experience Target Field for the first time all together.As I was taking pictures, Ry explained that we were there to watch the game and not take pictures. Hasn't he learned yet? Pictures are mandatory. Anyway, we had a great time and yes Target Field is beautiful. Yes, the food is incredible. Parking was another story, but when isn't it? Unfortunately the Twins lost, but I was happy in my mostly shady seat eating my delicious hot dog and chips enjoying the great outdoors.
Go Twins!

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