Friday, August 19, 2011

Spam at the Fair

***I wrote this post earlier, but due to the contest, decided that I should not publish it until now****

Summer is coming to an end. School supplies have been purchased and backpacks are ready (almost). Another end of summer sign is the Minnesota State Fair. It is almost here! We look forward to the deep fried foods, chocolate chip cookies, pork chops on a stick, lemonades, people watching and of course the big slide.Attending the fair is really fun, but participating in the fair is even better. My mom, Louise and Emily have each entered (and won) different contests over the past years. This year, my mom found the Spam kids contest and asked the kids if they wanted to enter. Of course they said, "yes." Who wouldn't want to enter a Spam contest? Meat in a can. This is exciting stuff!
Each child got to find, tweak and practice their different Spam breakfast recipes. They each chose very unique recipes. It is impossible to choose a favorite...they are each really good. To add to the fun, the kids were featured on a local Apple Valley website. The article is great, but the reporter did not use my favorite quote. She asked Ryan if he had ever eaten Spam before. He answered, "I have had Spam before, not a lot. Really just for a special treat." Hilarious.

We have bought and consumed more Spam in the last two weeks than our entire lifetimes. The judges will be looking at taste, presentation and simplicity. I think the kids nailed it!

These recipes have the power to turn anyone into a Spam lover. Emily is entering this yummy breakfast sandwich. It is scrambled eggs, cheese, vegetables and Spam all wrapped in a yummy biscuit. The eyes are cream cheese and Spam cubes...too cute. She is calling "Walkabouts." The portable breakfast.Ry's recipe is an egg, Spam and home-made salsa creation. Pretty impressive and he is pretty proud of it.

Andrew is entering this open breakfast sandwich, and calling it Breakfast Surprise.
He calls it that because it is so surprising how yummy and how easy this recipe is. It is english muffin, slice of Spam, egg salad and melted cheese on top.
Good luck judges!

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