Sunday, August 21, 2011

That place I've Never Been

Have you ever seen this image before?Fact #1: It has been used in many of Minnesota publicity cards, calenders etc.
Fact#2: I have lived in Minnesota most of my life. Basically, I have lived within a 1/2 hour of Minneapolis most of my life.
Fact#3: According to my memory, I have NEVER seen this sculpture in real life, even though it is in Minneapolis...a mere 30 minutes away and I have been curious about it for a long time.
Today was the day. I became a real Minnesotan. We went to the Sculpture Garden near the Walker Art Center. We saw this sculpture up close and personal. I learned that the cherry squirts water out of its stem, something I had never noticed before. Also, the artist choose a cherry to represent compromise and he was inspired while eating-totally relate-able, right?

This evening was beautiful and there are many other cool/strange sculptures found in this garden.I really enjoy it when I am told what the artist was inspired by or what they were trying to portray in their art. I am not creative/inspired enough to come up with these ideas/interpretations on my own.For example: this one is a huge glass fish. The plaque explained that the artist was inspired by a childhood memory. He used to go to the fish market with his grandma. She would buy a huge fish and let it swim in the bathtub. He would play with the fish for a while..then his grandma would kill and cook it for dinner. He loved the way the fish would move in the water.
This one we quickly named, Big Red One That Is Not a Slide.
I like the fact that these works of art are just in a park for everyone to experience and enjoy.I also like the fact that Ben, Louise and the girls were able to meet us there for a stroll in the park. Cousins (and aunts and uncles) always make things more fun!This got me thinking...Am I the only one that has that "thing that I've always wanted to do, but never have done?" I am not really talking about big bucket list items...just the easily done things that get put off. Maybe I am the only one. I am just glad I finally did this. The Sculpture Garden is a gem. I feel so Minnesotan!


The Zenn family said...

That is one place we actually visited so I guess we are true Minnesotans!? My kids loved it. There are so many others places we never got to that I now regret not having made the time to go. I love your posts!

Lori said...

I have never been to the Sculpture Garden. I have never been to Valley Fair. I have never been to Fort Snelling. I can't wait until you invite me to each of these places with you, so we can build my "That Place I've Never Been" memories. PS. Does Emily wear glasses now?

Shock said...

The same thing happened to me growing up in Atlanta. I never went to many of the tourist attractions so easily accessible to the locals. During our past few visits, we've done activities or seen attractions that are distinctively Atlanta since Jennifer didn't grow up there. I get to mark them off my list.

Julie W said...

I'm impressed that you did it without having to bring along out of town guests. That seems like the only way we visit some of the essential Utah sites. I have actually been there but it's been a long time. Have you been to Minnehaha Falls? I think that's another must see place that sometimes gets overlooked.