Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tide Pools and sand castles

One of my earliest elementary school memories is from about first or second grade. The teacher was introducing an ocean unit. She passed around a box filled with things that you would find at a tide pool. I watched that box get passed from student to student. I could not wait for my chance to peak into the box. This started my fascination with tide pools. Now, I get a chance to take my kiddos to incredible tide pools each year!The tide pools we go to are on the edge of Ecola State Park-only a few minutes north of Manzanita on 101 .

It is fun to see what is hidden between the rocks.
We were excited to see the sea anemones, star fish, hermit crabs, and other fun surprises.
Lauren is modeling a "fun surprise" found today.
We were not disappointed.We had a great group this year. In fact, this was Grandma Joanne's first time at the tide pools. Erik, Dan and Lauri
I even got a picture of Joe smiling!
After the tide pools we hit the beach. The sun melted away the morning fog and it turned into a beautiful day! Today's theme was sandcastles and wave jumping! Although the water is cold, wave jumping is so much fun! Thank goodness for the warm sun.
All and all a very successful day at the beach!


Lori said...

It should be illegal for a family to have so many awesome experiences :)

Kadbury said...

Awesome pics (as usual ; )! That looks like so much fun (I love tidepools too) and those rocks in the background look a lot like the ones from The Goonies... Do you rememeber that movie?!?


Louise said...

I agree with Lori. I'm so jealous right now! I mean... glad you're having fun, looks great, happy for you... but could you throw in some pictures of toddlers having temper tantrums once in a while to make me feel better? ;-)