Sunday, August 7, 2011

Warrenton and Astoria Day

We went to our movie again this year at the Seaside Theater. This year we saw Crazy, Stupid Love. I love movie traditions! Lauren and I started this years ago, we have seen among others...Cinderella Story, Uptown Girl, Bewitched, Pursuit of Happiness, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, Failure to obviously some were better than others..This year Joanne and Lauri came along. The movie was pretty good, but the company was better and NONE of us saw the twist coming....
We also had our last evening on the beach. It was a beautiful cool night and we took our last stroll along the shore. We tried to suck in enough ocean air to last us another year. As we drove away, we called out "Everybody say 'bye house!'" Name that movie quote......This house is now my favorite place to rent. I look forward to staying there in the future!
We then drove up the shore to visit Warrenton and Astoria. Warrenton is right across Young's Bay from Astoria. Erik lived here when he was a child. He pointed out some of his old homes and bought us soft serve cones from the Dairy Maid.

Glenda is buried in Warrenton, Oregon. This was our first trip back to the cemetery. I explained to Andrew about the tombstone and her signature. We had time to completely focus on our memories of Glenda. Her grave site in on the hillside, near her parents.

Erik also has family in the area. We stopped by Aunt Karen's house-she is Glenda's aunt. She is such a happy person! She is turning 90 in three months.
She entertained us with a story from her childhood. Her dad paid her brother a silver dollar to bury a smelly dead horse on their property. Her brother (I think it was Carl Erik's grandpa) got Karen to help out. She said they dug a hole and pushed the horse in...but it ended up with all four feet in the air. What to do? So she ended up chopping the legs off the horse. (She added more detail with squirting juices) I did NOT see that coming. Unfortunately, her brother had a hole in his pocket and lost the silver dollar.

While in Astoria, we also stopped by Astor's Column. We bought small glider airplanes, and climbed the 164 steps to the top. We flew our gliders and enjoyed the view.Interesting fact I learned from reading the brochure.."The Astoria Column is the final, crowning monument in a series of 12 historical markers erected in the early 1900s between St. Paul, Minnesota and Astoria, Oregon." Now I get to figure out what the other monuments are....and where in St. Paul this series begins :)

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The quote is from Toy Story, did I win something French?