Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Band Begins...a few weeks ago

I finally got myself over to band with Ryan this morning. We had to be at school at 7:15 am. That was early for us! The car was frosted over. The sun still had not started the day. It was COLD. I was not sure if band was worth it. But guess what...it was!I am excited to be a band parent volunteer. It is fun to help the band kids find their spots in the music. I got to help pick up dropped music (a few times...and surprisingly Ryan was not one of the kids to drop the music) and stack chairs. Also, now I know where Ryan is supposed to be in his band music and I can be a better help to him. I bet he is so excited about that!
It was fun to be back in the presence of a fifth grade band. Things have not changed much since my days in fifth grade band...girl flutes...boy saxes and trumpets...etc.

The songs the band plays are cute and fun. They even are starting a Jolly Old St. Nick Salsa.
It is exciting to have Ryan be a part of the band.


Ginger Erekson Hamer said...

I love the way you are involved at the kids' school. Way to go! It's great that Ryan enjoys the sax.

Julie W said...

You guys are so lucky to have elementary school band! Even if it is early in the morning. It brings back memories.