Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Festival at school

It was time for the school parties. This year was special because I had all three kids in one school. Our school still gets to wear costumes and have a parade. They all march to music like Monster Mash and Ghostbusters. I loved seeing Andrew march by... The Kindergartners are my favorite. They walk around the school in such a daze and they are SO cute.
Emily was a baby this year. She walked around the whole school on her knees. Ouch!What a cute baby. To some there is nothing scarier than a matter what time of year it is!

Funny story...we bought her these PJs a few weeks ago and the zipper broke. We tried to take them back but we could NOT find any of that same style in her size near our house. Last night, Erik had to drive to a further Target to get them. I now know why. There was a big group of girls in these same PJs for the wax museum...and a few other random babies in the same PJs. Popular choice.

That brings us to the Fifth Grade Wax Museum. The fifth graders at our school do not march in the parade. They get to watch the parade and then put on a Wax Museum for the rest of the school to go through during their parties. The museum is in the cafeteria. The lights are out. There is a pathway made out of those rope Christmas lights. The fifth graders are set up along the path. The students get to pick a thing/scene to be...Ry picked a construction worker.
Do you like the vest, safety glasses and hard hat? He stood very still the entire time. That is difficult to do..the students do get to take quick breaks and change poses between groups that enter the museum. While people are walking through the fifth graders are still and silent. Perfect wax statues. It is a way cool experience for them.Here is Ry's whole set-up. I think it worked out pretty well. Luckily, Erik is still working on our dining room so all the construction stuff is laying around...I guess we have construction on the mind.

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Cynthia said...

Your school does such fun things! Our schools don't even allow the kids to wear their costumes to school, which I think is totally lame. Olivia would love Em's pj's--she is totally into peace signs right now. Cool contruction worker setup. It makes me want to do a home improvement project.