Saturday, October 3, 2009

Work in Progress

We really love our yard, our schools, our neighbors and our trees. We actually love our house too, but it is a work in progress. In fact, when I first walked through this home I knew it was the right place for the kiddos to grow up. I also knew that pretty much EVERY room in the house needed help.
Over the years the bigger projects have included:
knocking down walls..
completely overhauling the kitchen
gutting a bathroom and putting in a wall mounted toilet (huge hassle)
building a retaining wall
and finishing the basement
building walls, moving pipes, adding a bathroom downstairs and everything else you need for a finished basement..
(carpet was added too)
Now there is also this strange room off the kitchen. If you have visited my home, I have more than likely asked you what I should do with this room. It is long and narrow and really doesn't have any walls to put furniture against. It is too narrow for a family room and too wide for a hallway.
We have decided to make turn it into a dining room/game room (I love game night)/cubby room. This means replacing the sliding door (it was horrible), redoing floors and building cubbies.

Today is door install day! This means we have a really big hole in the back of our house.
It is a wet and cold day. We started a fire to warm up the place. Any excuse for a fire.
Good luck Erik..Have fun, I am off to the Y.


The Zenn family said...

Fun times! That's a great idea to make a game room...can't wait to see it finished!

Julie W said...

How exciting!