Sunday, October 11, 2009


I really love Halloween. I think it is fun to decorate the house. I think it is fun to watch the kids dress up and try to scare each other. I also think it is fun to eat candy. Last year I had to work on Halloween night. I was hugely bummed out. I vowed to never go to a store on a holiday. I evil-eyed each customer that dared walk into Target.When I was filling out my availability for work this month..guess what day I forgot to mention that I could NOT work. Guess what night I got scheduled for AGAIN! So I have to grab any Halloween activity I can, since I am missing the main event. Yesterday was the Girl Scout Spookagama.
We dressed warm (did I mention it was cold) and drove up to a "nearby" girl scout camp site in the middle of the forest. We went with another troop making us 16 girls in all. In case you can't find Em in the group..she is in the red and black plaid coat. There were so many activities for the girls to experience. This is part of a Scooby Doo adventure.
While we were waiting to go into the scary movie scenes building the girls got to dance around. That was fun and a great way to keep warm. We also got to go on a haunted hayride, go into a scary laboratory to feel eyeballs and brains, we got to see a circus go terribly wrong, walk through a dragon, watch some witches capture a hunter and other creative activities. The girls had a great time. It was a fun way to begin Halloween.


Cynthia said...

You're such a good mom to get your kids involved in so many fun activities. Sounds like a fun time!

asauser said...

Well, at least with working on Halloween you can hide the candy you want somewhere and come back and get it after wards discounted! ;) Are you still at Target?

Dandy said...

I'm sorry you have to work but it looks like you are having a fun time until then!