Friday, October 16, 2009


I was at my neighbor Kristen's house and she showed me this cute idea. "I got Boo'ed." Basically you leave Halloween treats on someone's doorstep, ring the bell and run. It is a really cute way to spread Halloween cheer! Kristen was thinking of starting it in our neighborhood. Right away I thought it would be fun to start one in our ward (church group). As usual the thought was as far as I got with it.
Within the week we found this fun pumpkin on our doorstep. It was filled with yummy candy, "We've been Boo'ed" signs and the cute poem that explains the whole idea. We got boo'ed. It was signed from someone in the Apple Valley ward. I am so glad some cute and fun person or family had the idea and actually did it! We loved the candy inside and added some more for the people we decided to boo. I hurt my I can barely walk right no running for me. I can drive the get away car though. The kids had so much fun sneaking up to a house. They left the treat and then ran like mad (We choose someone who most definitely will not be reading this blog too). Of course we had to double back and make sure they got the pumpkin. The mission was a success. The Boo'ed chain lives on in the Apple Valley Ward!


amyg said...

Sooo cute! Congrats on being boo'ed.

Grandma said...

Sorry about your back. I've heard that Halloween candy is great for bad backs, so you're in luck!
I wish I could have seen the kids doing the ding-dong-ditch.

Mark and Tara Christiansen said...

We did that our last year in Colorado every week for FHE. It was awesome. The kids had the greatest time. I am glad to see the booing lives on!

Julie W said...

This has been a tradition in our ward here almost since we first moved in. I just posted about our kids getting into it this year. Hope your back gets better soon.