Monday, October 5, 2009

Jr. Girl Scouts

Emily has decided to participate in girl scouts this year. The leader is Tami (Emily F's mom). She is fabulous and the girls adore her. This is a fun group of girls. They have high energy, lots of enthusiasm and lots of emotions. We had our first meeting on Thursday. I get to help the troop by being the "scrap booking" mom. I am translating that job to mean: taking lots of pictures of everything they do together and then having copies of the pictures for the girls to make their books. Basically troop popperotzi. EASY!
Here the girls are re-enacting the food chain. At this moment I think the predators are eating the herbivores.
Last week we also had our first outing as a troop. We went to a nature center nearby and earned the wildlife badge.
We got to go on a nature walk and then learn about birds. It was fun to have the girls explore and observe nature. They found a bunch of dead baby mice and a dead bird. Awe... the beauty of nature! We did hear some owls too.
I am excited about the different experiences that Emily will get to have with these girls. I think they will all learn and grow a bunch together this year. Also.. I am excited that I am NOT "cookie mom."


The Zenn family said...

Although I LOVE the cookies...I would take scrap mom over cookie mom any day!

asauser said...

I had so man fun experiences in girl scouts, but never did too much as a jr girl scout. It sounds like they'll have a ton of fun.