Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Love

Do you know what I love to eat in the fall? In fact I have been seen choosing this treat over chocolate... It's homemade warm apple sauce. I love it so much!!

Yesterday, Tiffany called and invited me to go to an apple orchard. I got off my couch...put on some jeans and we ventured off to the orchards. It was a beautiful day. The kind that you don't want to waste indoors.We had so much fun...I grabbed the kids off the bus and went back. This orchard is not far from our home so it is easy to make a quick run for some apples.
We spent time playing hide-and-go-seek in the shrub maze and then we hit the trees. We decided to pick Honey Gold apples and Honey Crisp.
Emily brought Lauren our neighbor. The girls laughed and giggled the whole time.
This was our first trip out to the orchards this fall. I am ready to go back again. I love being outside with the kids. This is our farming experience for the year....apples right off the trees.
Now back to the applesauce. We made it and we LOVED it : )


Lori said...

My favorite part (because you know that I'm not amused with the outdoors) is when you got off the couch and put your pants on. Next time try and remember to slip a shirt on and then you should be ready to go ;)

Erekson's said...

Looks like a load of fun. I love fall and going to the apple orchards.

Cynthia said...

What a perfect fall day! That fresh applesauce sounds delicious.