Sunday, August 14, 2011

Grandkids Camp 2011

We got home from our trips and two days later Grandma and Grandpa kidnapped the kids. The kids didn't see it coming. Luckily, our still mostly packed bags were still in the living room, so the kids didn't notice a newly packed bag sitting in the living room waiting to go. It was time for Kids Camp 2011. The kids look forward to Grandkids Camp all year! Why wouldn't they? It is filled with fun activities, yummy food, cute t-shirts and lots of love. A key part of Grandkids Camp is that parents are not involved. The kiddos get to do EVERYTHING with just Grandma and Grandpa. So it is a win-win-win situation. I got a hold of the pictures taken this year....after all a picture is worth 1000 words right?
They began the fun at Minnehaha Falls.I love this park set in Minneapolis. It is fun to watch the falls and then walk down a short paved path to get your toes wet. From the pictures, it looks like there was ice-cream involved. Then they went back to Apple Valley for their traditional treasure hunt and time capsule.. About now...Erik and I were enjoying the most delicious kid-free cheese burgers at Red Robin-in case you were wondering.
After the treasure hunt, they jumped in the car and went to Grand Slam for some miniature golf. Just tap it in, tap it quote anyone?
Then it was home to Grandma and Grandpa's place for swimming.
About now Erik and I were kid-free at the movies...
I hear that the campers were up until about times.

Day 2... While Erik and I slept in to an obscenely late hour and then I went back to the theater to see The Help (loved the book, really liked the movie), this ambitious group went to the Dakota County Fair!! I have never been to this fair, although I hear it is fun...and now I see it is fun too.
Huge slides (that turn out to be water slides-surprise), climbing walls, mega-trampolines, pony rides, a lumberjack show and food, food, food. Look, Fiona even got a nap in for the day. What a good girl.

The evening ended with more swimming, fishing and the closing ceremonies back at my parents' house. Each person who participated in the camp gets a turn to say what they love about each of the other participants. It is a great tradition that instills kindness, thoughtfullness and builds people up. This year parents were invited to see the ceremony. We heard about good helpers, great cookers, fancy T-shirts, and excitement about Adele joining next year. But my favorite was Fiona's turn as she passed out stickers and told people they were "The best swimmer in the whole world I never seen!" You can see the video here. She is so cute.


Cynthia said...

What a fun tradition! I wish my parents would do that. Looks like Harrison grew a mustache.

Lori said...

Happy Gilmore! "Just tap it in. Just tap it in. Give it a little tappy. Tap Tap Taparoo."

I can't wait until there is a food shortage, and I can go live with your parents. It will be like Grandkids Camp everyday! Except the food shortage thing :)

Louise said...

Super cute pictures! I love grandkids camp :-) I hope Adele is up for it next year!

Kadbury said...

So incredibly cool... I will totally do a Grandparents Day when I have grandkids. Which will be a reeeeeeeally long time from now. ; )

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