Sunday, July 27, 2008

Apple Valley Night and day

Like I said earlier, we each get to host one night of the family reunion. Friday night was our night, so we thought it would be fun to have kids swim at the Apple Valley water park in the afternoon. Emily got to bring her friend Maria. They had a game going where they were creatures that were born in the water and could only come up for air for a minute. As you see, they also had fun jumping in the water.
Nico loved the waterslide. He was going down by himself which was great because Carol got to take Leo down the slide.
Andrew and I got to go down together too.
I think Ryan and his friend Jacob spent the most time on the diving boards.
Jacob has a turn. They were just running off the edge of the board, trying to see what it was like to run in the air.
There is always time for treat breaks..Andrew is showing his cousin Leo the wonderful ways of Fun Dip.

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