Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fireworks Day 1

Happy Fourth of July!!
We hit the fireworks today in Bloomington. They always have their show on the third...that way you can stay up late and have the day off on the fourth. Nice plan. We got there early and sat around. (I love that part...just sitting around and visiting) Gail and her roommate Eva were there too. Mom and dad gave each child five dollars to spend. The kiddos each bought some treats and a glow stick. Em sat on my lap during the show. We tried to decide which firework was our favorite. We picked one in the beginning and kept wishing they would do that one again so we could be sure. They were all great though. The Bloomington show was set to music. At one point they started playing the "Final Countdown." (Fun for all you Arrested Development fans) Also they played "Spirit in the Sky" which made me think of Aryn and "Wonderful World" which will always be in my mind Cynthia's song. Sorry Amy, no New Kids..but I thought of you any way. Tomorrow there will be parades, home fireworks and then another show. Did I mention tons of food throughout. Good found my camera battery charger. It will be like you were all here with me!

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