Sunday, July 6, 2008

A day with great friends

We got a chance to spend a day with our friends the Sadowski's. They moved to Chicago four years ago. Believe me, that was a sad day for us. As many of you know, I get very attached to my friends! I don't like it when they leave!! So nobody get any ideas, ok? If you live far away come visit. I miss you! These guys came up to Hudson, Wisconsin for the fourth. They came over to this side of the river for part of their visit. It was so much fun to see them. We had a yummy brunch at Jensen's Cafe and then hit the zoo. Emily and Avery have always gotten along! They were tiny babes when they met. I remember Emily raiding Avery's diaper bag in Relief Society. Kelly always had the yummy treats in her bag. The girls used to play dolls and giggle whenever they were together.
I don't know what happened! Here they are today. They have grown so much, and still they are amazing friends. They held hands the whole day and were off in Emily and Avery world.
Here are the boys Ryan and Reese. These guys would have so much fun together too. They were the terrible twos together. They would play Rescue Heros and Star Wars all the time.
Now look at them!! Too big. I don't like that time is going fast all of a sudden!
Here are all four of them together. It was hard to have Sadowski's leave. (Now the girls have matching Webkins to meet on line-thank you Kelly) It brought back many memories to see these guys. It also helped me realize I need to get down to Chicago and see them again soon.

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