Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Zoo Trip

I am climbing over laundry piles and stepping over spilt cereal to find the computer in order to blog today. I have my priorities! After all, I am the self-appointed family reunion photographer/blogger.

Yesterday, we decided that it would be fun to take the kiddos to the zoo.Carol and her family sitting near the grizzly bears
He has the same wing-span as a great horned owl.
It is always fun to see the dolphin show. They even played Shrek music.
The butterfly garden is so peaceful and cool.
Leo found a turtle statue to play on...this reminds me of a children's book. The turtle is named Leo...I will find the book.
The sharks were Nico's favorite animal seen today. I think he could have watched them forever.
But close second was finding the carnivorous pitcher plant in the butterfly garden.
Laurie tries to keep Ryan in a good mood, because his mom "forced" him to come today. It's so hard to have a mom like me...poor guy.


Lori said...

The sacrifices that you make in order to keep us posted on your "comings and goings", does NOT go unappreciated.

Landerholm Family said...

Ironic we decided to go to the zoo so close together! Tell Ryan that life is tough but it's only a couple more days until you guys are here and him and Sam can play vedio games all they want (okay maybe not ALL they want) at the beach :] Looks like fun!

I love your blog. And I'm glad to have a blogging buddy come Manzanita time :]

Landerholm Family said...

Oh and I forgot! I know you have been reading the Twilight series! And before i get started i should warn you im a big twilight freak! haha so Breaking Dawn (the fourth one) comes out on August 2nd. I already e-mailed ahead to a book store in Cannon Beach and have my name on the pre-order list (I give you permission to laugh :]) So along with blogging we can finish the series!

Landerholm Family said...

hey I didnt call the place but I e-mailed them and got directions.

Their website is

and if you want to e-mail them too it is

Someone e-mailed me back and said they would add my name to the list. You and I can ditch the fam early on august 2nd and get the books come back and read them together on the beach!

I'm so excited to see you guys!