Thursday, July 10, 2008

A fun Wednesday

Around here, the movie theaters play family movies for free Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Tiffany and I have been enjoying them each week. Yesterday they showed the BEE MOVIE. We have already seen it, but somehow I thought it was cuter this time. Maybe because I didn't have to pay to get in.
I have to work Wednesday evenings, but Tiffany and I thought it would be good to get out and do something before I left for work. After many ideas, we decided on Minnehaha falls. It is a beautiful waterfall in Minneapolis. Actually, really near Ben and Louise's home. The falls are another fun place I remember going as a child. The fun story is that we used to jump the fence and walk behind the falls. There is no way to do that now though.
Emily got to bring Jade along for our Minnesota adventureAfter looking at the waterfall, we walked along the river. On one side of the path is the river, and along the other is steep rocks to climb. The kids had fun exploring and climbing on the rocks.
Ryan the explorer.
The girls find their way.
Along the way we found a "slide rock" that Andrew LOVED!
There is an area in the river that is perfect for wading, playing and finding cool rocks. We did not plan on getting completely wet because this was a quick before work outing. The kids were coming with me to work that night and did not remember a change of clothes.
Emily's innocent "I will stay dry" face.
Just about to give up on the whole dry thing.
You know how it goes though...first you get your feet wet. Then your pants a little and before you know it you are completely soaked. At least that is what happened to Emily. I just figured she would be wet at the Y. Luckily, Jade's mom let her come over to Jade's house instead of work with me. So it all worked out. The only problem was that the trip was to short. We are going back ASAP.

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Cynthia said...

Cath, you do so many fun things! My kids would love for me to be as fun as you. Don't tell them how boring I am, OK? :) The flowers turned out so adorable! With leaves and everything, good job!